Where does our salmon come from?

Where does our salmon come from?
Quality, provenance and welfare are at the very heart of what we do here at Black Mountains Smokery.
We take great pride in knowing the exact provenance of everything we buy and we only source our fresh produce from quality UK suppliers.
All our stock comes from one group of salmon farms in Shetland, which Jonathan has visited, that keeps the fish in deep water with high currents. The fish are able to shoal and swim as they would in the wild, producing healthy, lean salmon – perfect for smoking. They are fed a diet of high quality fish meal and fish oils derived from wild caught small fish, such as capelin, to make sure that their diet is as close to their natural diet as possible.
Black Mountains Smokery Sustainable Salmon
 Top quality fish farmed in harmony with the environment helps protect precious and scarce Wild Salmon by reducing demand on wild stocks. It also ensures a more consistent product – so each bite of our smoked salmon will be as delicious as the last.
We turn away any fillets of salmon that do not meet our exacting standards and use the same premier quality salmon to produce both our Traditional Oak Smoked Salmon and our Oak Roasted Salmon.
Smoking cannot improve a product – it can only enhance its natural flavour and texture. Using fresh lean fish ensures that our produce is firm-fleshed, rather than soft and pappy as some other smoked salmons tend to be. This, along with our use of Welsh Oak shavings, is why we are a Great Taste Award producer.
“An attractive appearance with a soft blushing colour and not too much fat. Great texture and well balanced smoke”
Great Taste Awards 2017